We are working to improve Austin's affordability, transit accessibility, permitting, planning, and environmental outcomes through CodeNEXT. 

What is CodeNEXT?

In order to achieve Imagine Austin's goals we must update Austin's land development code, which determines how land can be used throughout our city, including what can be built, where it can be built, and how much can be built.  Our land development code is the DNA of our city and CodeNEXT is the process necessary to implement Imagine Austin's values.

Austin's existing land development code was adopted more than 30 years ago.  Our city has changed dramatically since then but the rules that govern the built environment have not kept pace with our evolution as an community.  Economic segregation, gentrification, traffic congestion, and skyrocketing housing prices are in a part a result of the current land development code.  CodeNEXT aims to address these problems, and efforts to derail the CodeNEXT process are efforts to preserve a status quo that is failing Austinites.

Evolve Austin supports the CodeNEXT process and overhauling the outdated land development code to ensure that our regulations suit today's reality and support the needs of Austin's future.

For more information on the draft code and maps, visit the City's website here.

CodeNEXT must support transit

Mobility and land use are intimately linked. Cities that are defined by sprawling land development patterns struggle to support multi-modal transportation options. Public transit in particular is negatively impacted by land use and development policies that do not prioritize density along established corridors. Read the Transit Study by our Partner Organization Alliance for Public Transit.

CodeNEXT must support the environment

Sprawl is a well-known enemy of the environment. Sadly, Austin’s current Land Development Code encourages — and in many cases requires — this type of land gobbling, water and energy consuming development that generates more and longer car trips than compact urban areas and far more carbon emissions.  Read the Growing Greener Study by our Partner Organization Environment Texas.

CodeNEXT must support affordable housing

Our existing affordability programs are not sufficient to closing our Affordable Housing gap.  New policies, programs, and measures that truly incentivize the development of both affordable market-rate housing and Affordable Housing are necessary if we are to meaningfully address the affordability crisis we face today.  Read a Press Release Handout from our Partner Organization Austin Housing Coalition.

We also need to make more room for more kinds of housing and housing lifestyles.  Cooperatives are a community-based, affordable housing option in line with Austin’s progressive values and history.  Read a Statement from our Partner Organization Austin Cooperative Business Association for recommendations to support cooperative housing in the code.


What Austin will you imagine?