Evolve Austin Successfully Responds to Threat to Water Down CodeNEXT

Action Taken:  Evolve Austin was well positioned to respond when Land Development Code Advisory Group (CAG) member Jeff Jack proposed a resolution directing Opticos and City Staff to draft the Land Development Code in such a way that the Neighborhood Plans could be "replicated" in their current form after the implementation of CodeNEXT. His resolution placed the multi-year CodeNEXT effort to bring sense to our Land Development Code in jeopardy.  

Evolve Austin received early warning from key allies and was able to mount a successful informational campaign as to why this was a bad idea and helped to coordinate a response among a number of like-minded organizations and individuals. See our letter below, response from our allies opposed to this resolution and also see the response to the resolution from City staff.

Results:  At the mid-night hour, not having the votes, CAG member Jack tabled the item for a later date in hopes that a reconstituted CAG might be more persuadable.  

Follow up:  Evolve Austin remains engaged in CodeNEXT to our mission to defend the Imagine Austin comprehensive plan. The next issue to watch closely is whether there will be a concerted effort to pack the CAG with votes opposed to the positive changes we need and seek. Stay tuned for more information.