AMP Call to Action: Keep FunFunFunFest at Auditorium Shores

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Fun Fun Fun Fest was booted from Waterloo Park to Auditorium Shores in 2010, but they made it work. Because that's what Austin music does: we make it work. 

In 2013, when Auditorium Shores was being redeveloped, FFF had to change most of their plans, but they made it work. Because that's what Austin music does: we make it work. 

Now that the park is redeveloped...FFF is being told yet again that it will have to make concessions that no other festival in this city has to make: to cut a massive 20% of its space - including an entire stage - and ignore the previous commitments made to the festival. 

Enough is enough.

You see, the last Austin City Council made a promise to Fun Fun Fun Fest: they voted that FFF could use a portion of the new dog park at Auditorium Shores, just as they'd used the very same land in previous years, for a maximum of 8 days a year - and no one else could ever use that portion of the park for a special event. They even said they'd build a special removable fence to speed up the fest's set-up and the return of the park to its original condition. 

None of that ever came true, and now that space cannot be used as it was intended - specifically by Fun Fun Fun Fest. 

This arrangement would help a trusted local business provide hundreds of paying jobs, allow scores of local musicians and comedians to reach a larger audience, and give dozens of local food and retail vendors a space to maximize their products. 

More importantly, it will help Austin keep its title of Live Music Capital of the World - and help make sure that part of the park remains reserved exclusively for dogs (and their humans!) for the rest of the year, no exceptions, far into the future. It was a win-win-win agreement. 

And we have the transcripts that prove it.

But now, some folks think that 8 days a year - yes, about one week out of 52 - is too long to have FFF in the corner of a city park. They're complaining other events will move in, even though the agreement prohibits it. Amazingly, city staff have already put in permanent fenceposts that they've said they have no intention of moving. For whatever reason, some people seem to want City Council to break their promises. And they think Austin music fans won't notice. 

Well, we noticed.

Now, at Austin Music People, we think the new City Council wants to do the right thing and honor the existing agreement, with all the restrictions already in place to keep the park beautiful year-round. Because in the end, this is all about giving Austin music and a local small business a fair shake. 

But they need to know that YOU think it's important to keep this promise. And they need to know that you think fairness and honoring previous commitments is vital for Austin music. 

We've made it easy for you to send a letter to Mayor Adler and every City Councilmember, and to tell them how important it is that we know we can count on our City Council to keep the promises it's made to Austinites and to our music community. 

CLICK HERE to tell Austin City Council: Keep your promise to FFF!

Austin music is watching. And Austin music votes.