Evolve Austin Partners applauds White House toolkit, asks for deep revision to code

Evolve Austin Partners pens letter to City Council regarding CodeNEXT, citing the importance of using complete communities indicators and other metrics for deep revisions to the code and clear response to Opticos' Code Diagnosis to produce a "state of the art, 21st century" code.

The letter applauds the recently-released Obama White House Housing Development toolkit, writing:

"Evolve Austin Partners advocates for a thorough and complete rewrite of the Austin Land Development Code and related technical criteria manuals. This new code, called CodeNEXT, must be grounded in the principles and measurable Complete Communities Indicators described in the Comprehensive Plan. These principles and metrics are consistent with, and validated by, a ground-breaking publication recently released by the Obama White House entitled “Housing Development Toolkit”. This publication describes tools that fast-growing American cities like Austin can employ to meet housing affordability and related social equity challenges. CodeNEXT creates the regulatory basis for achieving the aspirations described in the vision of our Comprehensive Plan, while protecting and balancing the collective interest of the city in the adjudication of private interests.

The full letter is available here.