Evolve Austin Partners champions the Imagine Austin comprehensive plan, crafted by the people of Austin to create a more affordable, mobile, and sustainable city.

About Us

Evolve Austin Partners champions the Imagine Austin comprehensive plan, crafted by the people of Austin to create a more affordable, mobile, and sustainable city. We believe the challenges and opportunities presented by our city’s explosive growth require compact and connected strategies that create better and more inclusive choices for living, working, and getting around. Austin’s best days are ahead of us. It’s time to change the conversation about change to achieve the best Austin imaginable, a city that offers opportunity, freedom, and fairness to all.

Evolve Austin Partners is a nonprofit that unites and integrates a diverse ecosystem of civic-minded partner organizations. These established groups are already moving our city forward in seven priority areas, all identified in the Imagine Austin comprehensive plan:

  • Transportation and Land Use
  • Household Affordability and Neighborhoods
  • Economic Growth and Workforce Development
  • Social Equity
  • Sustainable Resource Management
  • Parks, Public Health, and City Services
  • Creative Economy and Culture

Evolve Austin Partners leverages the resources and talents contained within this ecosystem to guide the city toward positive, inclusive change and the implementation of the Imagine Austin comprehensive plan.

Evolve Austin Partners accomplishes these goals by applying experience and on-the-ground action of three integrated committees:

Council Relations

Evolve Austin Partners connects our partner organizations’ interests with established priorities of the Imagine Austin comprehensive plan and amplifies their messages to Council Members, council staff, boards and commissions members, and policy experts and:

  • Leverages decades of combined experience at City Hall
  • Harnesses established relationships with council staff, Council Members, and members of city boards and commissions
  • Advises on appointments to boards and commissions
  • Responds to agenda items pertinent to Imagine Austin

Funds for Change

Evolve Austin Partners will fundraise and provide grants to our partner organizations that support projects consistent with our mission to bring Imagine Austin to life. Projects will: 

  • Increase and communicate public support for Imagine Austin
  • Explain the comprehensive plan’s integrated co-benefits
  • Support specific projects consistent with implementing Imagine Austin
  • Educate decision makers in City Hall
  • Expand membership for partner organizations
  • Broadcast partner organizations’ thought leadership

Communications Network

Our communications platform is designed to amplify the voices of our partner organizations in all segments of Austin civic life. Evolve Austin Partners provides a one-stop hub for information of common interest and concern within our ecosystem of integrated partner organizations. We deploy this communication platform to mobilize supporters with clear calls to action supporting Imagine Austin. The communications network will include:

  • Website with dynamic, daily updated content including critical calls to action, daily news feed, custom content, and calendar of events
  • Social media including Twitter, Facebook, and Reddit
  • Personal, offline communication between partner organizations, Council Members, council staff, and members of city boards and commissions

Our partners have built strong constituencies and are already vocal advocates for their causes.  Evolve Austin Partners leverages this network, adds resources, and creates new connections and positive conversations about change.

Executive Committee


Cid Galindo [President] is a civic volunteer dedicated to the notion that thoughtful urban planning and design are prerequisite to the evolution of great cities. He is a former member of the City of Austin Planning Commission and serves on the board of the Congress for the New Urbanism - Central Texas Chapter.


Meredith Powell [Treasurer] works to enhance the cultural vibrancy necessary for nurturing sustainable communities. She is co-founder of Public City, President of the Downtown Austin Neighborhood Association and board member of the Austin Community Design and Development Center.


Mateo Barnstone [Secretary] believes that Imagine Austin is the path to a more equitable, dynamic, and resilient city. He is an Austin attorney and provides executive and management services for local non-profit organizations.

Board Members

Teresa Sansone Ferguson

Glen Coleman

Alex Wright

Greg Anderson

Alessandro Piovaccari

Lonny Stern

Katie Van Dyke

Eric Goff


Garner Stoll

Jeb Boyt

Jennifer Houlihan

Frank Harren

Meredith Powell

Brendan Wittstruck

Miller Nuttle

Julie Fitch

Recent Projects

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